Cultural intelligence opens you the doors to the world!

In recent years a new concept has taken great importance as it is the cultural intelligence, which is defined as the ability to adapt and succeed in a work environment where cultures meet. That said, it seems evident that cultural intelligence is, indeed, a requirement for the internationalization of our company.

When we talk about cultural differences we mean not only formal, such as greeting or eye contact type differences. It is really know connect on the emotional level and establish relationships of trust with people formed and educated in different to our values. A skill which, of course, requires training.

Is it important to invest in cultural intelligence? The answer is Yes. Among other reasons, because it will allow us to enter new markets minimizing risks more quickly and, therefore, we will have greater possibilities of close international business. We will gain in confidence and security, we will avoid failures when it comes to developing our marketing and marketing strategies (clattering errors are famous to use offensive words in the name of an article by not adapting it to each) culture), will achieve better performance of multicultural teams, reducing delivery times and increasing the quality of the processes, which will affect the welfare of the group.

Is important to analyse and interpret the cultures in which we want to integrate or introduce our company or services, and next to the quality of the product, the price, marketing, etc., will get that our company is able to operate successfully in a country overseas.